Upgraded Version of 5MP Smart XVR Kits Launched

Time:2018-12-20 16:28:50    Hits:

For security products, we have been constantly keeping innovating and improving. Recently, the new version of smart XVR kits, which supports the new P2P platform has been released for the public. The response is particularly good, not only because of it strong practicability, but also because the application of the new platform is really favored by the majority of users.

Double PIR Smart Detection
Including with two PIR HD cameras for the 4 channels smart XVR kits, double detection to the moving objects will be achieved for the certainly monitoring areas. The sound alarm will be triggered immediately once receiving signal from the PIR detection.

Sensitive Smart Gas Detection
Smart gas detection, high sensitive and used to be installed at the places prone to gas leakage and fire. When the gas reaches a certain concentration, signal of detection alarm will be sent at once to the sound alarm, and the sound alarm will be triggered as well.
Timely Response Sound Alarm
The sound alarm is mainly used for receiving the signals from PIR detection and gas detection, it will keep buzzing until getting the stop signal from other cameras.

Variety of Application Platforms