New Things Here! 4MP Fisheye IPC Support New P2P Platform

Time:2018-12-14 10:32:11    Hits:

New version of fisheye IP camera that supported Cantonk new P2P remote platform platform and expected by users for long time has been launched. For the new software, more functions has been added with a fire-new managing interface developed, which brings you a new experience feeling for using device.

Round shape design like the fish eye, solid metal housing with an excellent protection, small size with light weight that easy to hide, features included in the models are absolutely the necessities what users want.

As a core part for a security camera, a fabulous SONY sensor which directly effect the quality of the whole video has been equipped for the device, 4MP high-definition image can be output through a 5MP HD 1.05mm board lens.

Excepting for the external advantages what we can see, kinds of internal strong points should be introduced as well. A higher compression method H.265 supported to save more space for recording. Not enough? It doesn’t matter because the SD card slot can solve the problem, maximum storage reached 128G! On another hand, an built-in POE has been equipped, data transmission and power supply can be provided simultaneously just through a cable.
What’s more? WIFI has been set inside, transmission distance achieves 300 meters far under situation without obstacles, problem of long distance has been solved greatly.
The 4MP 360°monitoring fisheye, is an IP camera protecting your security not only with a nice appearance but also a sensational intrinsic practicality which will save the cost. 

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