PTZ Series丨36X Optical Zoom New Model PT7K

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High speed dome camera is the most complex camera front-end with comprehensive performance in the monitoring system. It is complicated, expensive to manufacture, but can adapt to the high-density and most complex monitoring occasions. The high speed dome is a highly integrated product, which integrates the platform system, communication system and camera system. Recently, a new high speed model has been launched to the security market.

Road monitoring always requires a wide range of surveillance, 360 degree monitoring at traffic intersections with large population density, all-round, no blind spots, clear images. The latest released model PT7K , size 7”, pan speed: 120°/sec, tilt speed: 30°/sec, 150m IR range supported for night vision and easy to be installed in concealment, can meet the overall needs of monitoring, and the video record can also be used as evidence.

Equipped with the Panasonic low illumination 2MP CMOS sensor, awesome image can be output with high definition, and the main stream can reach 30 frames per second for 1080P effect. DWDR, adapted well to the sensitivity of the environment, making the vision clearly even in the particularly bright and particularly the dark areas. 3D noise reduction, by comparing and filtering the two frames before and after the image, so as to find out the noise position and reduce the noise interference of the weak signal image. Professional technique, explains the new experience of vision.

Recording with the 36 times optical zoom HD lens, the camera can zoom in or zoom out of the subject that need to shoot. The larger the optical zoom factor, the farther you can shoot. Distance is no longer the problem any more for the security market.

As an important part for monitoring, P2P technique plays an extremely significant role in security industry. Supporting with the advance P2P technology, users are able to check the live video anytime and anywhere through the FreeIP software, which is self researched and developed by Cantonk. It is greatly solve the inconvenience for majority of users in remote monitoring.