New WIFI Model SA40 With Exceptional Imaging Quality

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Wireless image transmission as a special way of use has been gradually favored by the majority of users. Because of its convenient installation, flexibility and high cost performance, more and more industry monitoring systems adopt wireless transmission mode to establish the connection between the monitored points and monitoring centers. The newly researched and released dome camera SA40, supports WIFI function and the maximum WIFI range reaches 300 meters far, which is quite convenient for data transferring and acceptance.

With the increasing occupancy of H.265 in the security market, the compression rate of security video becomes a key issues for users, because it is directly relate to storage problem for the devices. H.265/H.265+, a higher compression which the new WIFI model SA40 supported, greatly improves the compression rate and saving approximate half of the storage. Furthermore, equipped with external SD card slot, the camera has storage backing reaching maximum 128G.

SONY, a specialist providing sensor for security cameras, striving to create a high quality picture for digital imaging. Assembling with the SONY sensor, high-definition imaging of 1080P can be captured at 30 frames per second, a true and superb vision experience will be caught easily.

As an eyes of the camera, the lens has been the most important carrier of vision. By using of a 3MP HD lens, fixed 3.6mm, which can objectively record and reflect the movement speed and rhythm changes of subjects, the camera is conducive to performance of the static environment.  

Cantonk always keeps innovating on both structure design and performance for products. The new housing design of SA40 has combined with an unconventional radian design and a single external WIFI antenna, it looks more fashion and concise. In addition to a beautiful appearance, the camera should have a stronger defense itself as well. Reaching a weatherproof level of IP66, it no longer be afraid of bad weather such as thunderstorms.