SDI DVR Series丨New Upgraded And Support H.265+/H.265

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In order to meet more needs for users in the security market, the new SDI DVR series with H.265+/H.265 function has been launched by Cantonk recently. Under the circumstance of keeping same quality image, the compression rate and storage has been increased greatly with the new compression methods. Moreover, maximum 4mp resolution of SDI signal can be inserted to the device, that will bring you a high-definition video experience.

Compression Upgraded
H.265+/H.265 Save Your Cost

Storage space is exceedingly important for video recording, it will cost you more for additional configuration or cause the crash directly if lacking enough storage space for the device. The new released SDI DVR will avoid the the problem easily, because it can enhance around half of the compression rate and storage than normal device with H.264 for using. Cost can be save with the higher compression method.

Ultra High-Definition Camera Input
New Visual Experience

For the 4CH and 8CH SDI DVR, they are supported with 4mp resolution SDI cameras input, and the frame rate of each channel is optional, it can be adjusted freely as you need. For connecting with IP cameras only, resolutions supported such as 8m/6m/5m/4m/1080p/960p/720p, and the total incoming bandwidth should be less than 160M.  

Support P2P Function
Freeip Remote Monitoring
Remote monitoring is specially necessary for the security industry, and the sensitivity and stability for the P2P software is extremely significant for users, the upgrade Cantonk app of freeip can the problem. Once receiving the alarm signal, the system will send the alarm message to app, online viewing can be check anytime by the software. 
Data Comparison
SDI DVR Series