4K UHD Bullet Camera Emerged

Time:2018-10-26 14:05:11    Hits:

What you expecting for a long time is emerged! The 4K high-definition HD camera from Cantonk has been researched and launched. Let’s check more functions and features in the solution with the hot sale bullet housing.

What affects the image of the security camera most? It must belongs to the quality for the sensor used. It is not only a significant factor determining the image of quality, but also a very important component that affects the stability of the whole device. The new product of 4K UHD camera has adopted a quality-assured sensor, OmniVision CMOS Senor, which can deliver a high definition, stable and give you a satisfied viewing experience.    

Lens of the security camera is another main component of the device, without a HD lens, the image quality will be reduced as well. Equipped with a ultra high definition 8MP lens for the 4K HD camera, data of the video will be transferred accurately and smoothly through the lens, an excellent and clear effect will be achieved.

Different from the analog cameras with single signal output, the Cantonk 4K UHD camera has 4 kinds of signals output function. It is a high cost-effective model with a high resolution, one camera including functions from 4 cameras, convenient but keeping the same quality.

With strict testings for products, all of the Cantonk products are fit in with the IP66 weatherproof detection, so does the hot housing model of bullet R25. It is suitable for various of outdoor scenes and have a very strong protection even in a extremely bad weather.