Mini PTZ Series丨New Product PTDA

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Products of small but exquisite are always very welcome for the market, so does the mini PTZ security camera from Cantonk. With the hot selling mini dome model of PTDC that launched not long ago, the needs of this model is keeping increasing. At the meanwhile, a new one PTDA was emerged to feed more demands for more customers. Checking more details what the new product brought us here.


New Leds Design
No Worries For Further Distance
The night vision of covert monitoring is based on infrared camera technology. Conventional visible light illumination can be used to realize night vision, however, this method can not hide, but more expose the monitoring target. Equipped with 4pcs IR leds of ¢35 for the new model, IR range can be achieved as 35m, more details will be caught even at a night vision.

220 Preset Points Supported
Free Accessibility For Patrol Setting
Cruise setting is one of a special feature for the pan tile zoom camera, it can realize the cruise control with different angles through setting the preset points, and range of the security monitoring is depends on quantity of the points. PTDA is able to be set maximum 220 preset point, free setting and no worries for monitoring.

Higher Lighting Protection
Longer Service Life Prolonged
Except for the waterproof level, there is another significant quality level for security cameras, that is lighting protection level. With a higher lighting protection level of TVS6000V, the camera has a excellent quality with a superior protection condition, and it is not easy to be damaged even under a thunderstorm weather. You deserve to have such a nice mini PTZ camera!