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Brand Positioning

Founded in 2008, Cantonk gradually grows up from a small brand to an international well-known security brand, which engages in security products and provides professional security solution around the world. To being a diversified international security brands, Cantonk continuously keeps improving the R & D technology and makes the utmost efforts to serve the security market.

Brand Development Process
All things are difficult before they are easy, so does Cantonk, who spent more than 10 years on developing security business. With the fast development of the market, Cantonk invests more technology, capital in this line and expands the production scale step by step, we own a very big factory by ourselves and have our own brand all over the world now.

Brand Development Mode
Different from traditional sale mode of retailing, Cantonk energetically develops business of wholesale, cooperation in agency with other countries is our goal. Up to now, we have cooperated with over 120 countries and successfully signed several agents over sea, Cantonk brand gets a very well support of promotion and sense of identify. It is your worthy security brand to be believed as well.

Brand Promotion
In order to promote the brand influence and let more and more people know well about us, Cantonk participate in the international exhibitions each years, feedback for products and service from the fair was pretty good. In addition, we will visit our agents and some of our potential customers every year as well, cause there is nothing easier to understand about the products and services than face-to-face, for that as well, Cantonk succeeded won some reputation such as "The Most Influential Security Brands In China Top 10", we really thank and appreciate for that.
As the top 10 export enterprises for security products in China, Cantonk brand will surely popular around the world in the future. What is more important, great advanced technology like AI, samrt technique will be input and we will progressively step into the era of big data in the near future.
Cantonk, your best security partner for the future!

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