Cantonk Latest P2P Remote Monitoring Software Released

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With the rapid development of network technology and the expansion of the scope of monitoring, the surveillance system changed from the past single-machine monitoring to network monitoring, and also the remote monitoring system is gradually recognized and loved by the majority of users. To solve the problem of remote monitoring has become a major focus of the security industry to break through the market.
Recently, Cantonk, a professional manufacturer of security cameras and video recorders that integrates R&D, production and sales, released a new generation of remote monitoring software, which will gradually replace the original monitoring software FreeIP. The new interface design, latest functions and program upgrades of the new platform will brings a more humane and better monitoring experience to the majority of users. 

heartDesign Concept of The New Platformheart

The new generation of the new platform has adopted the image of a cute puppy as its mascot, that means that we will uphold the concept of improving and pursuing excellent products and service, to provide users with a more reliable and secure digital network solution.
5 Development Advantages Of New Platform
1. On the basis of retaining the original advantages of FreeIP, new functions such as motion detection, storage management and equipment coding parameter configuration has been added to enhance the experience for users.
2. It is more stable, extensible and not constrained by original frame of the FreeIP.
3. Have a strong bearing capacity and not easy to drop the line, supporting large concurrent, high performance and frequent up and down line.
4. The UI and some of the functions have been optimized and upgraded, that will be much easier to maintain the devices.
5. The cross domain problem has been solved, so that the server is not easy to run out and the  experience of users will be better.

Real-time preview, playback, VR functions are showing directly in the interface, more clearer and easier for switching. Folders, screen shots, videos, etc. are displayed in the form of thumbnail, operation is more intuitive and efficient for customer management. Image management, event messages and other functions directly displayed on the bar will be more convenient for users' experience.

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Trying the new experience

As the fast innovation of security products and technologies in the market, Cantonk technology is constantly keeping honing and summing up experience according to market demand as well. The release of the new mobile monitoring platform, which has been mainly enhanced and made with great improvements through the stability, user experience and extendibility. What’s more important, more intelligent, humanized elements will be added to meet more users' experience and needs in the near future.

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