Hot Sale 2MP IP Dome With New Bracket

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Equipped with 1/2.8” SONY low illumination CMOS sensor, picture provided more real and smooth through 1080P real-time preview, and the 3MP F1.6 high-definition lens makes vision more exquisite and delicate. Starlight function restore full color vision under a certain illumination, every thing will be captured with its color even at night.

Self-researched and developed by Cantonk, the deep base design is propitious to be used for cable hidden. Besides, working temperature for each camera is extremely significant, once it exceed its affordability range, then it burns out. Spacious structure is conducive for its heat dissipation and extend the service life of the camera effectively.

New ideal was designed by the camera, internal POE technique has been applied, you can get the power without cumbersome wiring procedure, images can be achieved easily through one cable, just plug and play.

Adopted by the good steel material, load-bearing capacity is pretty strong and it can bear a heavy object freely, camera jus a piece of cake. Porous design of the sub-panel makes it more applicable to a variety of cantonk cameras. What users consider more is that the super easy installation between the wall bracket and cameras, no worries about these any more.

Once the camera get an abnormal detection within the control area, a message notification will be sent at once through the mobile application “FreeIP”, security is improved by the function of the camera . In additions, the freeip breaks the limitations of space, you can possibly to check the video even outside the monitoring room.