5MP WIFI IPC Series丨Dual Frequency & Dual Antenna

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As the surveillance market shows at present, security camera with dual frequency and dual antenna is not very common all over the world. However, it is believed that will be definitely the trend for users in the future. In order to seize the opportunities and lead the market trend better, a new kinds of wifi IP camera has been launched from Cantonk recently, which is self-developed with dual antenna and supporting dual frequency.

Dual frequency Wifi refers to devices simultaneously supporting 2.4GHz/5GHz dual band wireless signals. Compared with single frequency, dual frequency will be much better for wifi transmission, and it can avoid the signal interference easily.

Normally the antenna will be set on the back for the camera, but, this new one makes it different. It looks more upmarket to equip the antennas on both sides of the camera. What’s more important, design of dual antenna for the device will be conducive to the wifi signal reception and transmission, that makes the device more stable and smooth when it’s working.

Information storage is pretty essential for security market. This new wifi IPC was designed with a SD card slot at the bottom of the camera, which support maximum 128G storage, it is really convenient and practical for the users.