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Wireless monitoring kits, is using the radio waves to transmit signals of videos and data. It does not need cable arming and complicated data setting, just plug and play, very simple and practical for using. It can be widely used in a wide range of areas, such as security monitoring, business monitoring, home monitoring and so on.

enlightened Combinations With IPC
enlightened Practical and Reliable With Stable Transmission
The 4CH WIFI NVR Kits, equipped with hard-routed NVR, can be connected with more than 5 IP cameras compared with soft-routed NVR. Also it can be paired with 2 IP cameras or 4 IP cameras, maximum 9 channels input.

enlightened Secure You Day And Night
enlightened High-Definition Image In 5MP Resolution
Equipped with a 5MP high-definition lens, maximum resolution reaches 2592×1944, the image of the camera is really exquisite with excellent quality. And it is pretty easy to capture every detail within 30 meters IR range at night vision.

enlightened Top Choice
enlightened High Performance And High Cost-Effective
This 5MP WIFI Kits has 2 USB ports and supports H.265 video compression, which is half of compression ratio of H.264 and greatly improves the storage space and reduces the cost of additional configuration. It is definitely the first choice for wifi kits. !

enlightened Plug And Play
enlightened 300 Meters Transmission Without Obstacles
No need for wiring and setting cumbersome data, just connect the power is OK. The 300 meters transmission distance and the 360°signal coverage without dead angle, are extremely popular among the majority of users.

enlightened Anytime and Anywhere
enlightened Multi-Platforms Monitoring
A variety of convenient ways are available for checking the video, such as FreeIP by mobile, VMS on monitor or OCX by website.