The Latest Explosion Model丨5X Motor Zoom IP Camera

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      yes New Waterproof Housing
yes Modern Natural Style

Self-designed, square-shaped housing and made of metal; derived from the design concept of polygons, use the least amount of material to get the largest use of space; the pure black front cover with the standard sand white body, and the unique application of rounded corners and edges and corners, are showing a unique style of shell design, high-end and atmosphere.

yes 1/2.8" Starlight Sony Sensor
                   yes High Cost-Effective With Excellent Quality
1080P high-definition image, feeling the clarity and exquisite experience; starlight effect, the camera will instantly switch to night vision mode under a certain illumination. It can capture each detail even at night.

           yes 5X Motor Zoom Auto Focus
yes Zoom It As You Need
Equipped with 3MP high-definition 5X optical motor zoom lens; the range of focal length is 2.7-13.5mm; adjust the focal length of the lens according to actual needs, so that the field of vision is wider and the details are more incisively and vividly. 

yes IP66 Waterproof Level
         yes No Worries Even In the Rain
With a strict waterproof testing, the camera reaches the IP66 level waterproof rating requirement. It is a stable and durable IP camera, which is waterproof, rainproof and dust-proof. And it can maintain normal shooting even in harsh environments.