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In order to cater to the needs of different users, Cantonk has launched the DIY modes of XVR kits and a wide range of kits matching. Different recorders can be matched with cameras of different pixels, different materials, or different quantities, just make it as you want. There's nothing you cannot do, but things you do not think about.

Image Quality Optional

The recorder of the XVR kits can be matched with two different pixels of cameras. One is 2MP HD camera, it’s an economical and affordable collocation and meets the general needs for the security market; Another is 5MP HD camera, the choice of 5 megapixel makes the picture more smooth and clear, it’s really suitable for the people who pursue perfectionism, high quality and high-definition image.

Material Optional
The material quality of security cameras is also a main focus problems for the majority of users. There are two choices of different materials for the cameras, they are plastic housing and metal housing. The plastic one is quite simple and portable. It is the true love for indoor users and small family users. Metal shell is a little bit heavy but it will not shake and influence the stability of the picture in a windy day; It has a good thermal conductivity, heat dissipation and its sunscreen effect and anti-corrosion function are especially good. It’s a perfect material for various scenes in indoor and outdoor use.

Camera Quantity Optional
Normally in XVR kits, the camera quantity is depending on the channels of recorders. Cantonk broke the convention and launched various matching way for the kits this time. For example, the 4channels XVR can be matched with 2 cameras or 4 cameras, and the image quality and material are optional; The 8channels XVR can be matched with 4 cameras or 8 cameras, different models in metal housing are for your choice.

A more reasonable product and excellent service attitude can much better to meet the different needs of the market.
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