Here Is What You Need! Plug and Play POE NVR

Time:2018-06-08 16:32:05    Hits:

According to the market demand, a number of H.265 POE NVRs have been launched from Cantonk to complete the products line. By adding plug-and-play function, you don’t need to additionally set IP address of the IP Camera, and also no need to search and add the IPC on the NVR, a network cable can be easily achieved the power supply.

Operation of this kind of POE NVR is very simple and convenient, and the ease of use is greatly improved. What the most important point that is the money for buying switches is saved!

The new POE NVR is supporting H.265 and H.256+ encoding compression. Compared with H.264 and H.264+, H.265 increased the storage space by 50%, and reduce the cost of additional device. In addition, it can still be output an amazing experience in "low stream, high quality" conditions.


* 4CH POE NVR, max 9 IPC input; 4CH poe power supply + 5CH external power supply;
* 8CH POE NVR, max 16 IPC input; 8CH poe power supply + 8CH external power supply;
* 16CH POE NVR, max 25 IPC input; 16CH poe power supply + 9CH external power supply;