Vandalproof Series丨 New Shell of DJ Model

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Design of Appearance:
* Metal material with a high base, and the large space makes it pretty easy to hide the wires.
* Classic color matching of Panda Style, fresh and simple.
* The curved design of shell makes the hand feel exceptionally comfortable;
  The smooth curve allows the vision to flow with space, broadening the view of the space from a certain angle.

4 pcs of SMD Leds were equipped, an ideal imaging effect was given, and the IR board is more stable with long service life.

Kinds of lens are optional, such as fixed lens, manual lens, 5X motor zoom lens.

A fast installed iron sheet at the bottom of the base was newly added, which makes it much quicker and easier to install.

Heat dissipation structure, enhancing the cooling effect of the whole camera.

It's a vandalproof and waterproof dome camera that suitable for various indoor environmental monitoring.

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