Amazing Super Starlight From Cantonk Was Launched

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What is starlight camera?
In the case of low light, it usually means that there is no auxiliary light source in the starlight environment, and a clear color image can be displayed, which is different from ordinary cameras that can only display black and white images. Star-class camera features, no need for the infrared light or white light, a clear night vision can be achieved without smearing.

What’s the difference between Super starlight and the normal starlight?
Super Starlight, a super effect for products which are using IMX327sensor, is much stronger than the IMX307, it can also be colored under a very lower illumination.
In theory, generally the light sensitivity of 307 is 0.1lux; 327 is 0.01lux. When reaching its illumination standard, the camera will switch to a black and white mode at once.

What’s the features of super starlight?

IMX327,the sensor of super starlight, is a diagonal 6.46mm(Type 1/2.8) CMOS active pixel type solid-state image sensor with a square pixel array and 2.13 M effective pixels. This chip operates with analog 2.9 V, digital 1.2 V, and interface 1.8V triple power supply, and has lower power consumption. High sensitivity, low dark current and no smear are achieved through its filter.

This chip features and electronic shutter with variable charge-integration time, and it is a super upgrade version of ordinary Starlight products, that will be your ideal solution for night vision.

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