Cantonk New Technique of Smart IR

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  ★ Mainly use the light-sensitive resistors, influenced by the light and temperature of the environment, the IR light switches continuously and the service life decreases?
  ★ When the ambient illumination reaches the threshold, the turn-on timing of IR light can not be adjusted?
  ★ The brightness of IR light is not adjustable, too much noise, overexposure and interfere with the night vision effect?
   ★ Software optimization, avoiding the false alarms in some motion detection.
   ★ According to the user's actual requirements for image, adjust the photo-sensitivity of the system, switch the day and night mode at the best time.
   ★ By adding Smart IR, the brightness of the IR light can be adjusted, it adapts to changes better in the environment and make night vision more effective.
   ★ Through comprehensive analysis of video data, a more stable and accurate ambient illumination is obtained, and the influence of temperature on the device is eliminated.

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Smart IR brings the greatest convenience to the majority of users.